The first fully electric Europe Tour

Setting a world record to raise public awareness

Our goal is to promote electric aviation and automobile.

We will attempt to be first at visiting all countries in Europe using only electric energy, setting a world record. We plan to spend a full day at some of the main destinations to raise awareness locally.

The Aircraft

The Pipistrel Alpha Electro is available since 2015. It can carry 2 people over 200 km or 125 miles.

The Automobile

The Tesla Model 3 is available since 2018. It can carry 5 people over 520 km or 320 miles.

The Tour will not consume a drop of fuel

Electricity will be the sole energy form. It will be supplied by sustainable sources wherever possible. The electric car will provide logistic support to the aircraft at airports not yet equipped with the required infrastructure.

We will provide specific reporting on energy use and CO2 emissions.

The Tour

It will take the team 6 weeks to visit all European countries equipped with an airport.

The Mission

We want to raise public awareness on electric transport, to influence purchasing decisions.

The Team

Following the footsteps of the awe-inspiring Solar Impulse project, we are building a competent and motivated team to tackle our challenge.

”No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris… [because] no known motor can run at the requisite speed for four days without stopping.”
– Orville Wright

At the time of the Wright brothers, never before had an aircraft flown from New York to Paris. Until the technology made it possible in 1927. This is where we are with electric aviation and automobile today.

The electric car industry is currently transitioning from early adoption to mass market, mostly due to a decade-long effort consented by Californian auto manufacturer Tesla. More than 3 million electric cars have been sold globally in 2019, which represents 4% of the 75 million cars sold. This share is growing exponentially.

The electric aircraft industry is still in its infancy due to two main factors. The nature of flight requires aircraft to deploy its own energy to create lift and overcome gravity. Cars and boats on the other hand simply use the planet surface to overcome gravity, requiring a lot less energy.

Further, the current state of battery performance is inadequate to supply a sufficient amount of energy to lift aircraft for a long period of time. As a result, today’s electric aircrafts are small and have a short range.

As technology develops, larger and more capable aircrafts are coming to market.

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